Hickel, CPA

What's it going to cost?

Prices shouldn't be a mystery.  Charging only by the hour often leads to over-charging due to inefficiencies by the preparer.  We have implemented a price-per-form structure for tax returns, which means every form has a set price assigned to it and you only pay for what's required.  As a rule of thumb, the more complex the tax return the more we charge to prepare it.  
Rates for services other than tax prep are based on quantity and frequency of work.
We believe this pricing structure seems to be the most fair for our clients.

Tax Return Preparation

Fed 1040 from $180
1120S from $395
​1065 from $425 

Often additional forms are required to be filed.  
Additional forms range from $20 to $125 each depending on the form.
Contact us to discuss your specific situation.


Starting at $125/month
for 1 employee

Includes net check direct deposit, the associated tax deposits and quarterly reporting.

Prices are adjusted for additional employes and for pay cycles other than bi-weekley or semi-monthly.

Bookkeeping & Write-up Work

From $145/mo

Take advantage of an included online bookkeeping subscription!  All clients can choose to enroll in online bookkeeping with access to your data from any computer, tablet or mobile device!  
No additional cost to you!

Contact us to discuss other services related to tax return preparation such as  projections, taxing authority correspondence and  amended returns.
In addition to bookkeeping servies, we also offer QuickBooks desktop set-up services for new businesses and clean-up services for those who want to, well, "clean up" the books.
These services are discussed in detail prior to engaging.
The initial payroll set-up or data migration from a prior provider for a company starts at $200 and includes an initial salary calculation for each employee.